Nick Wegg

‘HighSea’ Zine Publication

Fashion and streetwear comply to the consumer and the availability of product, understanding the want and demand of the audience is key and part of the idea of HighSea. Anyone is able to begin and take part in this notion of streetwear fashion, people do it every day, it is only recently with the emergence of places and apps such as Depop in which these consumers now become the supplier. The idea of being able to create clothing which is relevant to their own personal wants and backgrounds is crucial and follows suit to why particular household brands are continuously ahead of others. HighSea projects the image that it is for not just one type of person, but can be an item for many, exclusivity is only a factor due to the age of the clothing – not because of price tag or post code.

This is only part of the process.

The consensus that anyone can make it their own is the point of HighSea, the idea it is there to be made into what is desired by the consumer – not just what the brand believes. The personality of the clothing is key and key to how it is worn, and more importantly to whom wears it. It should be individual as fashion is about identity and purpose. HighSea is an insight to what can be and the morality of the insights behind the brand, observe the process.